MYUs Project Discussed in Gapuwiyak

In August 2023, Professor Bob Morgan and Associate Professor John Stevens, from the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) joined AMSANT’s Kellie Kerin and Miwatj Health’s Director of Medical Services, Dr Lou Sanderson, in Gapuwiyak to continue work on the Northern Territory Medical Yarn Ups (MYUs) project.

What are Medical Yarn Ups?

Medical Yarn Ups are a form of shared medical appointment designed to ‘reform First Nations healthcare in the NT’ (NTPHN). The process involves consultation between a GP and other providers in a group setting with people who have similar health concerns.

Rather than forcing healthcare on patients, MYUs encourage and enable health services to work with First Nations Australians. The process involves listening, sharing ideas and responding in a culturally safe, effective and efficient way. MYUs provide a vehicle for self-determination and, in Miwatj Health’s case, Yolŋu-driven health improvement—a process that aligns with our Strategic Goals and Vision.

Gapuwiyak MYUs Visit

The ASLM visit to Gapuwiyak this month was hosted at the Miwatj Health Clinic. Over 3 days, groups yarned about using MYUs to deliver the care needed for preventing and managing lifestyle-related illnesses (e.g. Type 2 Diabetes and renal disease).

The outcomes were very positive, and we’re excited to watch this project develop over the coming months. To read the full ASLM Medical Yarn Ups update, click here.

CREDITS: Thank you to all the staff and community members for meeting with the ASLM visitors and showing them around throughout their stay. Thanks also to ASLM for the photo, and NTPHN for supporting this great initiative in the Northern Territory.