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Our Research Charter governs all research undertaken with Miwatj Health, including requests for access to existing Miwatj Health data or engagement with Miwatj Health employees or communities in the Miwatj region, as defined by the Miwatj Ward Map.

Lead Investigators and Research Teams should familiarise themselves with this Charter and this website to ensure their proposed research aligns with Miwatj Health’s values, strategic goals , research priorities and approach.

Miwatj will conduct and participate in research projects that:

  • ensure community representatives participate in the design, monitoring and evaluation;
  • build an evidence base for the services we provide;
  • first listen and learn from Miwatj communities to understand their perspectives of health and wellbeing;
  • commit to presenting research results to the community in their language; and
  • appoint Indigenous Lead Researchers so that more research is conducted by Indigenous people for Indigenous people.

For further information, please contact

Miwatj Health Nhulunbuy Dyahn and Kerry AHPs

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