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You do what you do because you truly want to help people. At Miwatj Health, you’ll contribute to a better future for the Yolŋu and Australia.

Be part of something truly important. ​

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  • At Miwatj Health, we walk ​alongside​ the Yolŋu people. You’ll partner with them, learn from them and help empower them for life.
  • You’ll be there for your team and support them, as they will you. We can’t do this alone.
  • You’ll help Miwatj stand and fight for our most fundamental belief and our biggest goal: a health service run for Yolŋu people, by Yolŋu people.

Our mission is to empower Yolŋu people to gain control over their own health service.

We know that developing a capable and mobilised Yolŋu workforce is critical in closing the gap in health outcomes in the NT. As remote healthcare workers, our job is to deliver comprehensive primary health care to Yolŋu people. Yet

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