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If you come with an open heart, the Yolŋu and our wider team will embrace you and welcome you into their lives.
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At Miwatj Health we can do more for you

In this place, among these people, you’ll find a life that few get to experience.

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  • Despite the complexity of our work, life is simpler here. In this beautiful, unique environment, many people find peace and fulfilment. Far from the distractions and luxuries of urban life, there’s a rare chance to reconnect with what matters.
  • To thrive here, you’ll bring an open heart and mind, and genuine respect for Yolŋu people. In return, you’ll experience their rare, rich way of life. And you may find you belong.
  • You’ll work every day with a connected team of dedicated people who find the strength to stay and achieve here in East Arnhem Land – a place like no other.

Each corner of the Northern Territory offers something unique.

Less well known than the sweeping plains of Alice Springs or the waterfalls of Katherine, the rich bush lands and pristine islands of North East Arnhem Land may be the NT’s best kept secret. ​

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