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At Miwatj Health you can do more with you

You have great skills, experience and strength. Here, you’ll put them to real use and keep growing, in a context where you are truly needed.

Want to do more with your skills? ​

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We work on the front line of some of Australia’s most challenging health problems.

  • The average life expectancy for Yolŋu people in this region is 50 years.
  • Tuberculosis still exists here – it was eliminated in the western world over 60 years ago.
  • c40% of adults here suffer from chronic disease e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular or renal disease.
  • c50% of Aboriginal children in the region have catastrophic hearing, lung or other problems by the age of 4. 

Our complex and challenging environment requires expertise, adaptability and resilience.

And while you face the challenges of providing day to day acute care, you’ll also support our efforts to focus on primary healthcare and wider well-being.

With Yolŋu representing more than half our workforce, our people understand the unique challenges of Aboriginal healthcare. Everyday, our Yolŋu staff and non-Indigenous workforce collaborate ​to help build trust within the community, ensure patients feel culturally safe, and overcome language barriers.

Our doctors, nurses and primary healthcare professionals say their position is more than just a ‘job.’ Out here, learning from the community is a way of life. ​

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