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We’re proud that over half of our staff come from the Yolŋu communities we serve.

However, we also depend on the amazing clinicians and health professionals who come from elsewhere. They join us with an open heart, and walk alongside our Yolŋu staff and the wider community.

We asked them why they do it. Here’s what they told us.

Interested in joining our incredible team? ​

Find out more about what it’s like to work at Miwatj Health by downloading this flyer or explore our current opportunities.

Do more with you.

You have great skills, experience and strength. Here, you’ll put them to real use and keep growing, in a remote context where you are truly needed. We work on the front line of some of Australia’s most challenging health problems.

Do more for you.

In this place, among these people, you’ll find a life that few get to experience. If you come with an open heart, the Yolŋu and our wider team will embrace you and welcome you into their lives.

Be more than you.

Be part of something bigger. You do what you do because you truly want to help people. At
Miwatj Health, you’ll contribute to a better future for the Yolŋu and Australia.

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Miwatj Health’s Guiding Principles.

Our team members are excited to test their skills, knowledge and experience in a challenging, complex and highly rewarding remote context. Crucially, they feel truly connected to our Guiding Principles, living them in the clinic and in the community every single day.

At Miwatj Health we prioritise Quality, Community, Respect & Integrity, and working Together to support and care for each other.

What can you expect on the journey ahead?

Over three decades, Miwatj and the communities we serve have achieved so much. However, our work is far from complete. And like every employer, we don’t always get it right.

The complexity of our work and our context brings new challenges all the time. Our commitment to you is to openly share the opportunities and the challenges of joining our team, and ensuring you arrive with your eyes open.

This is not an easy job, and it’s not right for everyone. But if you have strength, resilience and an open heart, a life-changing opportunity awaits.

Meet our team.

At Miwatj Health, you’ll work every day with a connected team of dedicated people who find the strength to stay and achieve here in East Arnhem Land – a place like no other. ​Click here​ to learn more about the people who make this place so special.

Are we the right fit?

If our values, story and people have struck a chord with you, ​apply now​ to explore a range of career pathways with us.

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