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We are all part of something bigger, helping to shape a stronger future for the Yolŋu.

At Miwatj Health, we are helping the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our communities across East Arnhem Land to assume control over their health. This is done through our Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS).

Miwatj Health provides comprehensive Primary Health Care services, including treatment, prevention, early detection, rehabilitation and recovery and clinical support systems. Miwatj practices from an evidence-based best practice model.

Our clinics are staffed by General Practitioners, Remote Area Nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and Aboriginal Community Workers, and a range of business support staff. Our clinics are Australia General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) accredited.

Miwatj clinics in Zone 2 provide emergency and on-call response and are supported by Care Flight for medical evacuations. The Commonwealth Government fund visiting allied health services to Miwatj communities and specialist outreach is provided by Top End Health Service (NT Health). 

In addition to our Miwatj clinical services, acute care and preventive care, our Aboriginal health service focuses on education and primary prevention programs to tackle the most important risk factors for Aboriginal health in this region.

Today, half of our Miwatj workforce are Yolŋu, however, we also depend on health professionals from elsewhere who work together with our Yolŋu staff, and the wider community.


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