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Yaka Ngarali

Tackling Indigenous Smoking

Miwatj is part of the national Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Program. Our program is called Yaka Ŋarali, which means No Smoking.

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Miwatj has Public Health Community Workers located in Gapuwiyak, Galiwin’ku, Milingimbi and on the Gove Peninsula.

Their djama (work) includes the skin story, Yaka Ŋarali, healthy waŋa (environmental health) and djamarrkuli’wu mulka (caring for our children). For Yaka Ŋarali djama the team can provide support and education at community events and for families in their waŋa (home).


Thomas Guyula
Michael Guyula
Trudy Wunungmurra

Gove Peninsula

Boogie Ngurruwuthun
Daniel Bromot Jnr
Marshall Gambley


Christopher Alchin
Brando Yambalpal
Christella Bukulatjpi
Lindsayanne James
Sammy Gondarra


Jeffery Dhurrkay
Julie Gapalathana

There is a long history of ŋarali use by Yolngu people.

It was initially introduced during hundreds of years of trade between the Macassan and Yolŋu people. Today approximately 70% of Yolŋu smoke. This has a significant impact on many people’s health and wellbeing.

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