Yo bukmak Yolŋu ga Balanda,

It is with great sadness that the Miwatj Health Board informs the loss of Bulunu Ward Director and former Chairperson, Mr D Marika on Monday 7th February 2022.

Mr Marika will be remembered for his advocacy and persistence to bring about positive change for his people and community in various sectors, including education, employment and health.  His passion for Yolŋu self-empowerment and community control has been recognised by people across the nation, through decades of pioneering balance and leadership at a community level and through many organisations across the region, including East Arnhem Regional Council, Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation and Miwatj Health.

Mr Marika was committed to two-ways learning and working, and believed the future would be better for all by Yolŋu and Balanda walking hand-in-hand. He always offered his friendship to newcomers, was keen to share his knowledge and culture and learn from them in return.

Mr Marika’s smile, sense of humour and humility will greatly be missed by us all and we find comfort in his djäma and vision for his people continuing through his family, community, and the many organisations and initiatives he has been involved in.

We acknowledge and thank Mr Marika for his contribution to Miwatj Health through 15+ years of service with MHAC Board as both a Director and Chairperson.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marrpalawuy, Makungun, Yalmay, Rokula, Djay’miny, extended family and the wider community.

Djutjutj Guṉitjpirr Guṉuwaŋa Muthamirri Baymaraku

Rarritjwuy Melanie Herdman
Chair, MHAC Board

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