Miwatj Health Educate the Next Generation

Chronic disease is a common part of life in remote Indigenous communities and, unfortunately, Miwatj communities are not immune. Our staff work hard across all 7 clinic locations to not just treat and manage chronic disease, but to educate and prevent them too. Recently, staff from our Ramingining Public Health team worked with ALPA, the Ramingining School and Menzies HealthLAB to educate the next generation as part of the Ramingining School Health & Careers Expo.

Focus of the Ramingining School Health & Careers Expo

The Ramingining School Health & Careers Expo was attended by a range of community organisations, including ALPA and Miwatj Health. The purpose was twofold:

  1. To educate and demonstrate ways to prevent chronic disease
  2. To show students local career pathways—empowering them to work toward strengthening their communities through their djäma (work) after leaving school

Miwatj Staff worked closely with the visiting team from Menzies HealthLAB to measure biomedical risk factors for chronic diseases, compare results against benchmarks using interactive technology, and educate students on positive lifestyle choices to improve their overall health.

In particular, our team focused on Yaka Ŋarali (No Smoking), Healthy Skin & Bodies, and Manymak Ŋatha (Good Food) education, with team members getting into the kitchen to prepare healthy foods for the Ramingining School to enjoy!

Education Success

It was incredible to see so many students and teachers getting involved in the Ramingining School Health and Careers expo, and particularly good to have ALPA and Menzies there to support the event. The Menzies HealthLAB will be popping up next for Miwatj communities in Galiwin’ku as part of World No Tobacco Day. To find out more about what they’ll cover, click here.

Thank you to everyone who presented their businesses to students at the Expo and to our Public Health team for the incredible role they played in the event—what a great initiative to be part of, and one that works toward our commitment to Building Stronger Communities Together.