Yaka Ŋarali at the TIS Workshop

For 4 days in March (14 – 17), Miwatj Health’s Yaka Ŋarali team attended the 2023 National Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Workers Workshop at the Darwin Convention Centre. Held on Larrakia Country and run by the TIS National Best Practice Unit (NBPU), Ninti One, the event was the first National TIS Workers Workshop in almost five years.

Miwatj Health staff had the opportunity to meet with other TIS teams from around Australia, engage in some incredible conversations and hear from a host of guest speakers. On the final day of the workshop, members from our Yaka Ŋarali team were interviewed by First Nations TV alongside TIS National Coordinator, Professor Tom Calma AO.

Watch the Video

Watch Miwatj Health’s Yaka Ŋarali team in action below or click to view on YouTube.

Miwatj Health Tackling Indigenous Smoking

Ŋarali (smoking) is a heavily ingrained, but introduced, part of Yolŋu culture. Stemming back to the hundreds of years of trade between the Macassan and Yolŋu people, there is now a traditional connection to ŋarali. An estimated 70% of Yolŋu smoke. This leads to a range of chronic health conditions and can be detrimental to those with pre-existing issues.

Miwatj Health’s Yaka Ŋarali (No Smoking) team work to improve the health of Yolŋu, guided by support from the national Tackling Indigenous Smoking program. They are acutely aware of the effects ŋarali has on the community but are mindful to work through a Yolŋu worldview. Our Yaka Ŋarali provide support and education in Gapuwiyak, Galiwin’ku, Milingimbi, and the Gove Peninsula. They deliver their messages at community events and for families in their homes.

To find out more about Miwatj Health’s Yaka Ŋarali team, click here. Thank you to Ninti One, First Nation’s TV, and the National TIS Workers Workshop for having us.