Together Towards a Brighter Future

Miwatj Health’s Regional Renal Program is one of great importance, with its team working hard to address the social determinants of health that lead to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and implement strategies to prevent it. Recently, Regional Renal Coordinators, Nathan Garrawurra and Jess Graham, attended the Renal Society of Australasia (RSA)’s annual conference to meet like-minded professionals and further their knowledge on how best to advance the care of people with kidney disease.

What the Renal Society of Australasia Conference was all About

The 2023 RSA Conference took place from 29 – 31 May at the Sydney Masonic Centre. Passionate kidney health professionals attended from all over Australia and New Zealand to share ideas and learn about innovative ways to advance kidney healthcare.

As the theme for the event indicates, the conference was all about working together—collaborating and sharing evidence-based research for the benefit of patients. The sessions were interactive and hands-on, with all who attended taking away numerous professional growth opportunities.

RSA Highlights

Nathan and Jess had an excellent time down south. Not only did they meeting with a range of peers who work in the renal space, they also learnt about program activities being delivered in other locations, including the Kimberley and Far North Queensland.

“One of the highlights was watching Kat Baxter – the Purple House Dialysis Nurse from Galiwin’ku – talk about the importance of cultural safety,” Jess told us. “Kat shared her experiences of working alongside Yolŋu families when delivering dialysis on country.”

Nathan and Jess came away from the RSA conference with lots to think about. We’re looking forward to seeing how this new knowledge will further develop the Regional Renal Program at Miwatj – manymak djäma (good work) team!

Learn More

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